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Civil Division

The United States Attorney's Office represents the United States, its agencies, and their employees and officers in civil lawsuits in federal and state courts. 

Civil Litigation 

Civil defensive cases handled by the Division include suits under the Federal Tort Claims Act; allegations of discrimination in federal employment; challenges to agency actions and government procurement under the Administrative Procedure Act; appeals under the Social Security Act; suits seeking the release of records under the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act; the defense of government officials sued in their individual capacities; and state foreclosure actions.  The Civil Division also represents federal agencies and employees in cases involving third party subpoenas seeking information and testimony and seeks to enforce subpoenas issued by federal agencies.  In addition, the Division handles certain affirmative actions on behalf of federal agencies, including condemnation of property and claims for reimbursement and indemnification.   Other affirmative actions, including those under the False Claims Act, Controlled Substances Act, and civil rights statutes, are handled by the Fraud Division.

Asset Recovery Unit 

The Asset Recovery Unit is responsible for both civil and criminal cases involving asset forfeiture, restitution, and debt collection.

The Asset Forfeiture group handles cases in which the United States seizes money or property that is proceeds of crime or used in furtherance of a crime, which ensures that criminals do not profit from their illegal activity.

The Financial Litigation group collects restitution on behalf of victims of federal crimes as well as other debts owed to the United States and its agencies, including defaults on government loans, income taxes, civil judgments and settlements in health care or procurement fraud cases, and any other fines or penalties imposed by the government.  The group is responsible for financial investigations to obtain information about each individual or entity who owes a debt and uses liens, garnishments, and other debt collection tools to satisfy the obligations.

The Civil Division is based in Lexington.  Tiffany K. Fleming is the Chief of the Civil Division.


Updated August 23, 2023