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United States v. Jesse E. Kipf


Jesse E. Kipf of Somerset, Kentucky, has been charged with computer fraud stemming from data breaches he conducted on a number of state and corporate networks. Kipf obtained credentials to access the private networks of these public and private entities, and through such access, was able to view state constituent and business client personally identifying information. Kipf was also charged with attempting to sell the credentials he used to access these protected networks. The data breaches occurred on the following dates:

1)     On or about February 12, 2023, Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd.

2)     On or about June 21, 2023, Kipf breached the protected network of Milestone, Inc.

Kipf specifically accessed networks associated to the above companies’ services provided to hotel chains.  These services include the use of the internet during hotel stays or use of hotel websites. To date, investigators have no evidence that Kipf accessed the personally identifying information of hotel customers.

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United States v. Jesse E. Kipf
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Updated November 20, 2023