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Victim Witness : Services & Assistance

The United States Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of Kentucky is committed to providing support and information to victims and witnesses involved in various stages of civil and criminal litigation. A primary goal is to ensure that victims of crime are treated fairly, with dignity and respect for their privacy.

The office staff works together to make sure that victims are informed of the status of cases and to help victims find services to assist to help them recover from the effects of being victimized.

Through the automated Victim Notification System, victims are given notice concerning:

  • when the suspected offender is arrested
  • when charges are filed
  • the date, time, and location of each court proceeding
  • the release or detention status of an offender or suspected offender
  • when an offender has pled guilty, accepted a plea of nolo contendere, or has received a verdict following a trial
  • sentencing information

The following services may be provided:

  • Sources for emergency medical and social services for crime victims
  • Information about restitution or compensation programs, and how to access them
  • Information about public or private programs that can provide counseling, treatment, and other support

The Victim-Witness Unit can also provide assistance if a victim or witness feels threatened or intimidated by a suspected offender or persons acting for or with the suspected offender.

The Victim Witness Coordinator and Advocate in the Eastern District of Kentucky understands that going through the criminal justice system can be a very stressful, difficult, and emotional time. In addition to services already mentioned, we are also able to help you by providing:

  • A separate waiting room for witnesses who are testifying
  • Notification to victims' employers and creditors upon request
  • Information and assistance on transportation, parking, translator services, and other various and related services
  • Opportunities for victims to consult with an attorney from the government
Updated February 19, 2015

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