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Department of Justice Elder Justice Initiative


The mission of the U. S. Department of Justice’s Elder Justice Initiative is to combat elder abuse and financial exploitation, encourage reporting abuse, and educate the public to make America safer for all.

Abuse can take many forms and is not always easy to recognize.  It may come in the form of the improper or illegal use of an older person’s money or property (financial exploitation, including scams); it may be physical, psychological or sexual abuse; or it may be in the form of the intentional or unintentional failure or refusal to provide care or help to an older person. 

If you believe that you or an older person you know has been the victim of elder abuse, below is information on who to contact to report the abuse or to get more information:

The Department of Justice's Elder Justice Initiative webpage contains webinars, pamphlets, links to other resources, and much more

Louisiana's Department of Health, Aging and Adult Services' webpage contains contact information to report abuse, neglect or exploitation of vulnerable adults 

The Office of Crime Victims provides a directory of crime victim services so you can search for available services or law enforcement contacts in your area:

The Federal Trade Commissions' Consumer Information webpage provides helpful information about how to protect yourself from scams and identity theft

AARP National Telephonic Meetings provides helpful information about COVID-19 fraud issues:  AARP National Live Weekly Tele-Town Halls on Coronavirus

The Federal Trade Commission provides helpful information about COVID-19 fraud issues:


Below are also some helpful booklets and guides: 

Saving and Investing

Questions You Should Ask About Your Investments

How to avoid investment scams that target groups

Protect yourself against investment fraud


If your organization would like to have our Elder Justice Coordinator, Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward Rivera, speak to your membership about elder justice, please contact Shane Jones, Outreach Specialist, at 504-680-3004 or by email at

Updated December 7, 2021