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The United States Attorney’s Office For The The Northern District Of Alabama

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Alabama is one of 93 United States Attorney’s Offices nationwide, and the largest of the three districts in the State of Alabama. Prim F. Escalona is the United States Attorney for the Northern District. The main office is in Birmingham, with a branch office in Huntsville. The office is organized into three legal divisions – Criminal, Civil, and Appellate – and two non-legal divisions – Administrative and Community Relations.

United States Attorneys serve as the nation’s principal litigators. They work under the direction of the Attorney General. United States Attorneys conduct most of the trial work and much of the appellate work in cases where the United States is a party. Each United States Attorney is the chief federal law enforcement officer in his or her district.

The Northern District of Alabama includes 31 of the state’s 67 counties, and two of the state’s most populous cities, Birmingham and Huntsville. The Northern District has a population of 2,816,862 – about 59 percent of the state’s population.



Updated December 3, 2020