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Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods

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What is Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN)?

Project Safe Neighborhoods is a nationwide initiative that brings together federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and community leaders to identify the most pressing violent crime problems in a community and develop comprehensive solutions to address them.

In 2017, the Department of Justice revitalized the Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) program, a national-scale violent crime reduction program aimed at making our communities safer and more secure.  The enhanced PSN program builds on past successes by integrating proven methods of reducing violent crime with new strategies and technology that will make the Department's efforts more efficient and effective. 

The priorities of the Department of Justice to reduce illegal gun crimes, reduce violent crime, and aggressively address the opioid epidemic are brought to force in the Northern District of Alabama through PSN.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office has established an extensive network of law enforcement and community partners in the Northern District of Alabama who have been fundamentally important to its strategy's success.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office collaborates with local law enforcement in the district to combat crime in identified “hot-spots” and to aggressively pursue the worst offenders within the community. Through partnerships with law enforcement and community partners, the U.S. Attorney’s Office promotes crime prevention and ex-offender reentry programming to reduce crime and recidivism.

Northern District of Alabama Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiatives -

The Prosecutor to Prosecutor Program (P3) coordinates the prosecution of the highest profile offenders within the PSN target area. P3 ensures that the most violent offenders within the Northern District face the greatest, most readily provable charges in order to ensure their efficient removal from the community and cessation of criminal activity. Through P3, federal prosecutors educate state prosecutors on all appropriate federal charges that mirror frequently used state charges. This guidance helps local district attorneys’ offices effectively identify violent offenders who would traditionally be prosecuted in the state justice system, but who might be subject to federal prosecution. Federal prosecutors are assigned to local district attorneys’ offices to ensure that all possible federal firearms cases for the PSN target area are identified and receive appropriate federal attention. The designated federal and state prosecutors regularly conduct case reviews to identify offenders who have violated federal law.

Through the Birmingham and Huntsville Public Safety Task Forces, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies coordinate intelligence sharing and enforcement operations on the worst of the worst criminal offenders in the Northern District’s two largest population centers. These task forces align the strengths and resources of federal and local crime fighting agencies in order to remove the worst drivers of crime from the community.

The Birmingham Safe Neighborhoods Task Force is a collaborative effort between the offices of the U.S. Attorney and Birmingham Mayor to work with non-profit organizations, the corporate community, and community service providers to prevent crime and reduce its harm on the community. Through the development of opportunities and services for youth and at-risk populations living in high crime areas, the Birmingham Safe Neighborhoods Task Force strives to create hope and promote peace within the community.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office Anti-Opioid Initiative combats the opioid epidemic in Alabama by aggressively pursuing enforcement against drug dealers, and developing community-based programs that support drug prevention and treatment opportunities for those affected by the opioid epidemic. The U.S. Attorney’s office partners with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as community-based health and mental health providers, to combat and reduce the public health impact of opioids upon the community. 

Project Safe Neighborhoods contact information -

If you have any questions about Project Safe Neighborhoods in the Northern District of Alabama, please contact Jeremy Sherer – PSN Coordinator – 205.244.2019.

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