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Message From The United States Attorney

Message From The United States Attorney: Reducing Recidivism And Promoting Positive Re-entry For Ex-offenders

Every year in Alabama more than 10,000 ex-offenders leave state and federal correctional institutions and return to our communities. The quantity and quality of rehabilitative instruction and re-entry training these ex-offenders receive while incarcerated and immediately following their release influences their chances of success in leading law-abiding, productive lives.  Currently, more than one-third of Alabama’s ex-offenders are re-incarcerated within three years after being released from prison. Over one-half of these recidivist offenders come from the 31 counties which make up the Northern District of Alabama.

Collaborating to provide and promote services that produce positive re-entry outcomes for ex-offenders is a smart, cost-efficient approach to crime prevention.  For the past year, my office has led a discussion with Alabama’s state and federal law enforcement and corrections agencies analyzing how we can improve future outcomes for ex-offenders who are returning to our communities.  We are now    actively engaging community providers of services essential to re-entry.  Our goal is to create a coordinated, comprehensive continuum of re-entry instruction and assistance that flows from the courts, to the prisons, to the communities, which measurably improves positive outcomes in the lives of ex-offenders.

The core areas of services that we are focusing on are Housing, Education, Transportation, Job Access & Training, Health & Rehabilitation, and Community Reintegration & Support.   If you or your organization has expertise or programming focused in one or more of these areas of service, I invite you to contact my office’s Community Outreach Coordinator and discuss your ability to join in our efforts. To do so, please e-mail Jeremy Sherer at or call 205-244-2019.

We must at least slow – and ideally stop – the cycle of recidivism by providing ex-offenders with the necessary skills and opportunities to become better citizens and contributors to our society.  By working together to improve outcomes for ex-offenders, we will make our communities safer, and we will be better stewards of our collective resources




Updated March 19, 2015