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Ronald N. Arp

Ronald N. Arp

In memory of
Ronald N. Arp
Special Agent
Drug Enforcement Administration
1970 - November 30, 2015

DEA Special Agent Ronald N. Arp – Ron Arp was a truly special agent, with a reputation for doggedly working complex drug investigations, who died in 2015, at age 45, after battling cancer.

Over a 20-year career, Special Agent Arp was the lead investigator in the prosecution of numerous large drug trafficking organizations that operated in the Capital Region. Many of these cases spanned the United States and Canada, and culminated in the arrests of many drug traffickers and the seizure of millions of dollars in ill-gotten assets.

Special Agent Arp's investigation in one case led to the convictions of three men involved in the murder of a student at the University at Albany.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Special Agent Arp earned bachelor's and master's degrees from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Special Agent Arp was known for his determination and persistence, and he pressed everyone to do their best work.

In 2018, the United States Attorney's Office in Albany added Special Agent Arp's name to its law enforcement award, and the first Ronald N. Arp/Martin E. Marciniak Memorial Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement was presented to FBI Special Agents Geoff Kent and Chris West for their work on United States v. Crawford and Feight.

Updated May 14, 2020