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U.S. v Johnny Palermo

Between January 1, 2016, and April 5, 2023 in Nebraska, Johnny Palermo, Richard Gonzalez, and Jack Olson joined together to commit wire fraud by agreeing to create a scheme to take from and deceive LPOA and its donors. The intent of the scheme was to obtain money and property from the LPOA and its donors, by making untrue statements, fake pretenses, and promises. The facts show that they lied and misrepresented where the donor’s donations were going and the purpose of the fundraising.

Latino Peace Officers Association ("LPOA") is a professional organization designed to promote the advancement of Latino professionals within OPD and other law enforcement organizations. LPOA hosts events each year, to include an Easter egg giveaway, a turkey giveaway, and a golf fundraiser.


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Updated May 17, 2023