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On this page, you can identify funding opportunities and learn about the Federal Government funding process.

Sponsoring Agency Funding Opportunities

You can view general funding information and opportunities from our Federal sponsors and other agencies on the following sites:

Funding Notices

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OJP now offers a free email subscription service through GovDelivery. By subscribing to OJP notifications, you will receive an email when new information or solicitations are available from OJP and the OJP bureaus and offices. You can identify the specific type of information you would like to receive as well as the frequency of updates. Visit OJP's E-mail Updates page to learn more and to subscribe.

Also visit to locate and apply for funding opportunities from Federal agencies.

Funding Resources

Various resources are available for assisting applicants:

OJP's Grants 101 site will assist applicants in navigating the application process.
OJP's Funding Resources page provides an abundance of information for applicants and grantees in addition to Grant Award announcements.
The BJA Grant Writing and Management Academy provides an overview of project planning, management, administration, and assessment of federally funded programs.

Types of Funding

Much like other Federal agencies, OJP offices and bureaus provide three types of funding to State, local, and private agencies and organizations: Formula (or Block), Discretionary, and Congressional Earmarks. Note that most OJP and other Federal agency grant funds are dispersed through Formula grant programs and Congressional Earmarks.

Formula (or Block)

Awarded to State and local governments based on a predetermined formula, which may be based on a jurisdiction's crime rate, population, or other factors.
Awarded to agencies in each State designated by the governor. These agencies are called State Administering Agencies (SAA).
Generally requires States to pass awards to local agencies and organizations via subgrants.


Awarded on a competitive basis to public and private nonprofit organizations.
Funding ranges from single awards for research, evaluation, and technical assistance to multisite awards for program development.

Congressional Earmarks

Hard Earmarks: Congress directs the Federal agency to provide certain funds to specific programs it has identified.
Soft Earmarks: Congress identifies a program and directs the Federal agency to:
Evaluate the program.
Fund the program, if warranted.

Updated July 8, 2021