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District of South Dakota

District of South Dakota

Serving the People of South Dakota


Welcome to the District of South Dakota. Our mission is to protect and serve the citizens of South Dakota through vigorous and impartial enforcement of the laws of the United States. We strive to improve public safety and quality of life, to defend the national security, and to protect the public funds and financial assets of the United States.

A top priority for our District continues to be making Indian country a safer place to live. We aggressively prosecute major crimes committed on the nine Indian reservations within our District. We also have cultivated a relationship that respects tribal sovereignty and continue to build cooperative relationships with tribal leaders, community members, and tribal law enforcement. One such goal is to empower and support the tribes as they develop and implement their own independent tribunals, judiciaries, and systems of justice.

The District’s unwavering commitment to protecting civil rights is reflected in our efforts to achieve equality for all. Civil rights efforts of our office and of the United States Department of Justice include a broad range of issues at the national forefront, including human trafficking, police brutality, hate crimes, marriage equality, access for people with disabilities, voting rights, and all forms of illegal discrimination.

As the United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota, I am fully committed to our mission and am grateful for this honor to serve.

Randolph J. Seiler, United States Attorney

2017 LECC Conference

2017 District of South Dakota
Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (LECC) Conference

November 7th and 8th
Sioux Falls, SD

Conference Agenda and Registration

Please continue to visit our website for upcoming schedule and agenda