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The Department of Justice recognizes that its employees are its most important asset.  Department of Justice employees are the vital link that ensures that the ideals, mission, and values of the Department are fully realized.  To this end, the Department strives to ensure that its workforce is drawn from the broadest segments of society so that it is poised to meet the present and future needs of our Nation. 

As a first step, the Department has developed its first EEO Strategic Plan for EEO and diversity goals.  This Plan, Working Together to Ensure Success – Meeting the Mission  along with the Department of Justice Human Capital Strategic Plan 2007 – 2012, Mission First …Linking Strategy to Success  is linked to the Department of Justice Strategic Plan.  These are resources that the Department now uses to focus on recruitment and retention strategies to foster the development of a highly qualified and diverse talent pool of applicants and employees.

Below are other resources for the Diversity Program in the Department of Justice.

Updated February 13, 2024