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Asset Recovery Division

The Asset Recovery Division (“ARD”) was formed on or about August 31, 2020.  ARD is responsible for representing the United States and its agencies in civil and criminal litigation.  Specifically, we commence civil litigation on behalf of the United States in such areas as asset forfeiture, health care and government programs fraud, civil rights, and financial litigation, and represent federal agencies in bankruptcy proceedings.   ARD is comprised of 4 components, the Financial Litigation Program (FLP), Asset Forfeiture (AF), Affirmative Civil Enforcement (ACE), and Bankruptcy.  The primary focus of the division is to become more proactive in the identification and recovery of assets.  

Kevin D. Robinson is the Chief of ARD and has held this position since February of 2022.  Prior to this appointment, Mr. Robinson served as the Deputy Chief of ARD, Deputy Chief of the Asset Forfeiture and Financial Litigation Unit, and Chief of the Financial Litigation Unit.  Prior to joining the United States Attorney’s Office in June of 2002, Mr. Robinson began his legal career as an associate attorney with the law firm of Magavern, Magavern and Grimm, LLP from 1992 to August 1995, where he focused on matters related to small business lending, residential real estate, and municipal law.  From August 1995 to February 1998, Mr. Robinson served as an Assistant New York State Attorney General in the Buffalo office, where he was responsible for defending New York State and its employees in areas such as defensive torts, constitutional challenges, eminent domain challenges, Article 78 proceedings, and employment discrimination.  From December 1998 to June of 2002, Mr. Robinson served as the Director of the Bureau of Audit and Quality Control for the New York State Office of Children & Family Services, where his principal responsibility was to ensure that the agency’s budget of $3.5 billion was being spent in accordance with state and federal guidelines.  

The ARD is comprised 5 AUSAs in the Buffalo Office and one in the Rochester Office. AUSA Grace M. Carducci has been in the office since 2009 and currently serves as the Deputy Chief of ARD and the Asset Forfeiture Coordinator.  Prior to joining this office, Ms. Carducci served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office from June 2004 through September 2009.  The Deputy Chief of ARD assists with various supervisory duties and is primarily responsible for supervision of the day-to-day AF related matters. This includes review of plea agreements, indictments, settlement agreements, training, and developing quality control measures. 

Updated December 22, 2022