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Statement Of United States Attorney James P. Kennedy, Jr. Regarding Resolution Of Criminal And Civil Forfeiture Cases Against Dr. Sreekrishna M. Cheruvu, M.D.

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Western District of New York

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United States Attorney James P. Kennedy, Jr. announced today that the United States Attorney’s Office has executed a Non-Prosecution and Compliance Agreement dismissing all criminal charges against Dr. Sreekrishna M. Cheruvu, M.D., and entered into a stipulation resolving a civil disagreement over the correct CPT codes to bill for services rendered by T3 Medical, Dr. Cheruvu’s medical practice. 

“Pursuant to the terms of the non-prosecution and compliance agreement, if Dr. Cheruvu’s medical license is restored, then any reimbursement claims he submits will, for a period of time, be monitored by a medical billing compliance expert agreed to by the parties,” Kennedy stated.  “Additionally, the civil forfeiture case is being resolved with the government returning a total of $99,378.17, of the $466,158.33 seized from Dr. Cheruvu, to three different insurance companies he billed.”

In explaining his Office’s willingness to enter into a non-criminal disposition, Kennedy stated, “the crux of this litigation involved a dispute over the propriety of the billing codes used by Dr. Cheruvu in his medical practice.  It was never a dispute over the quality of care provided by Dr. Cheruvu.  Since the criminal and forfeiture cases were filed in 2014, my Office has continued carefully to collect, review, and evaluate evidence directed toward Dr. Cheruvu’s mens rea in billing as he did. Through that process new evidence came to light and at the end of that review, we determined that a non-criminal disposition was the just result.  Remember, we are the Department of Justice, not the Department of Convictions.”

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Updated August 27, 2019

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