Region 9 : General Information

Documents and Forms
Date Subject Formats
City of Detroit Bankruptcy Filing
August 15, 2013 Notice of Time and Location of Formation Meeting of Official Retiree Committee [PDF - 39 KB]
August 7, 2013 Detroit Ch. 9 Retiree Committee Solicitation Notice and Questionnaire

If you received an email failure message after submitting your Questionnaire to the following email address:, the technical difficulty has been corrected, and we ask that you please resend your Questionnaire to that same address.

[PDF - 74 KB]
Compensation Guidelines - National
  Compensation Guidelines  
October 1, 2002 2002 Addendum for Fee Applications in E.D. of Michigan [PDF - 39 KB]

Section 341 Meetings

§ 341 Information
Date Subject Formats
Creditor Meeting Forms
August 9, 2017 Creditor Meeting Transcript Order Form [PDF - 34 KB]
May 2005 Creditor Meeting Audio CD Request Form [PDF - 7 KB]
Updated August 9, 2017

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