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General Bankruptcy Information & Forms
  Inbox for serving documents on the UST:  
February 2005 UST Emailbox Protocol [PDF - 31 KB]
March 21, 2005 Four Ways of Serving Documents on the U.S. Trustee -- Including Service By Email [PDF - 14 KB]
Debtor Attendance at Meeting of Creditors
November 2, 2010 Region 18 United States Trustee Policies for Rescheduling Meetings of Creditors and Allowing Debtor's Appearance Other Than In Person [PDF - 82 KB]
February 2004 Debtor ID Report (PDF Fillable Form)  [PDF - 168 KB] 
February 2004 Debtor ID Report (PDF Printable Form)  [PDF - 19 KB] 
January 2, 2009 Memorandum to Practitioners re Correcting Identifying Information [PDF - 170 KB]
June 2010 Proof of ID and Social Security Number [PDF - 34 KB]
  Bankruptcy Information Sheet  
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western District of Washington
December 2014  Local Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure  
July 1, 2008 Guidelines For Cash Collateral and Financing Stipulations [PDF - 18 KB]
  Change of Address Form  
  Proof of Claim Form (ePOC)  
Updated September 19, 2016

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