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Information For Individuals With Limited English Proficiency

Under Executive Order 13166, "Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency," Federal agencies are required to examine the services they provide, identify any need for services to those with limited English proficiency (LEP), and implement a system to provide those services so LEP persons can have meaningful access to them. We invite you to review the USTP’s Language Assistance Plan and this Web page for further information.

Executive Order 13166:  Improving Access to Services for Persons with LEP

The Federal Coordination and Compliance Section (FCS) of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has a Web page dedicated to Executive Order 13166.  On that page, you can view the Executive Order, find answers to commonly asked questions relating to the Order, and link to a Federal Interagency Web site which offers information, tools, and technical assistance regarding LEP and language access. To access the FCS Web page, click here.

EOUST Language Assistance Plan

As required by Executive Order 13166, the United States Trustee Program issued its updated Language Assistance Plan [PDF - 89 KB].

Language Assistance Program Summary Statistics

Telephone Interpreter Services at Section 341 Meetings

The United States Trustee Program offers, free of charge, telephonic interpreter services for persons with limited English proficiency at the mandatory section 341 meeting of creditors (11 U.S.C. § 341). Interpretation is available in approximately 250 meeting room locations across the country in as many as 196 languages. Individuals (or their counsel) may contact either the private trustee assigned to their case or the local office of the United States Trustee to determine if service is available in their area. To minimize delays at the section 341 meeting, individuals wishing to take advantage of this free service are encouraged to contact the private trustee in advance of the section 341 meeting.

Bankruptcy Information Sheet

The bankruptcy information sheet provides some general information about what happens in a bankruptcy case.  The information here is not complete; you may need legal advice.  The Bankruptcy Information Sheet is available in Adobe PDF format in several languages.

Credit Counseling

Many approved credit counseling agencies voluntarily offer counseling services in languages other than English. For a list of agencies and the languages that they offer, please click here.

Debtor Education

Many approved debtor education providers voluntarily offer services in languages other than English. For a list of providers and the languages that they offer, please click here.

For comments relating to the USTP’s Language Assistance Plan:

Updated November 2, 2020