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Section 341 Meeting of Creditors Information

Important Notice

U.S. Trustee Program to Implement Virtual Section 341 Meetings of Creditors Nationwide

August 24, 2023

Pursuant to its authority under 11 U.S.C. §§ 341(a) and 343, Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 2003, and other authorities, the U.S. Trustee Program (“USTP”) will implement virtual section 341 meetings of creditors (“341 meetings”) via Zoom for all chapter 7, 12, and 13 cases in all USTP jurisdictions.

These virtual 341 meetings via Zoom will be implemented on a rolling basis through early 2024. Debtors and other interested parties should follow the instructions provided in the 341 meeting notice they receive from the court, as well as additional instructions provided by the trustee assigned to the debtor’s case, to determine the proper procedures for connecting to the meeting. Please refer to each district’s USTP Local 341 Meeting Information page (which appears below).

The USTP’s transition to video 341 meetings will foster greater participation, result in substantial cost and time efficiencies for debtors and creditors, and better ensure the efficiency and integrity of the bankruptcy system. Once implemented, the U.S. Trustee may approve alternative arrangements for 341 meetings when extenuating circumstances exist that preclude a debtor’s attendance by video. In addition, in rare cases, the U.S. Trustee may determine that an in-person 341 meeting is necessary.

For more, please see The Transition to Virtual § 341 Meetings: Lessons Learned, and Looking Ahead, published in the January 2024 edition of the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal.

Virtual 341 Meeting Information for Debtors, Debtors’ Attorneys, and Other Parties in Interest:

Prior to the 341 meeting, please read the Instructions for Joining a Zoom § 341(a) Meeting of Creditors. (Instrucciones para unirse a una reunión de la Sección 341(a) por Zoom Reunión de acreedores)

At least 14 days prior to the 341 meeting, or within another timeframe requested by the trustee, the debtor or the debtor’s attorney, if represented, should send to the trustee in a safe and secure manner:

Personal Identification

  • A clear copy of (1) a government-issued photo identification of the debtor and (2) evidence of the debtor’s Social Security number (“ID documents”) or a written statement that the debtor has no Social Security number. For a list of acceptable ID documents, click English or Spanish.

Financial Information

  • Evidence of current income, such as the most recent payment advice.
  • Unless the trustee or the United States trustee instructs otherwise, statements for each of the debtor's depository and investment accounts, including checking, savings, and money market accounts, mutual funds and brokerage accounts for the time period that includes the date of the filing of the petition.
  • Documentation of monthly expenses claimed by the debtor if required by 11 U.S.C. § 707(b)(2)(A) or (B). These include additional food and clothing expense up to 5 percent of the IRS National Standard allowance for those categories; education expenses for dependent children less than 18 years of age; home energy costs that exceed the IRS Local Standard allowance; and expenses that support a claim of special circumstances.

Note: If the documentation does not exist or is not in your possession, please provide a written statement indicating such.

Tax Return

  • At least 7 days before the first date set for the 341 meeting, provide a copy of the debtor's federal income tax return for the most recent tax year ending immediately before the commencement of the case and for which a return was filed, including any attachments, or a transcript of the tax return, or provide a written statement that the documentation does not exist.

These items are in addition to any other documents requested by the trustee.

Additional Resources

Notice Regarding Debtor Education Requirement:

Debtor education ("DE") is a course that debtors must complete to receive a bankruptcy discharge, with limited exceptions. Individual debtors must complete DE after filing for bankruptcy. DE is different than the credit counseling course that must be taken before bankruptcy. To find a DE provider or obtain more information about DE, click here.

Local 341 Meeting Information for Debtors, Debtors’ Attorneys, and Other Parties in Interest:

Until virtual section 341 meetings are implemented in your district, meetings will generally proceed in the same manner as set forth in the original 341 meeting notices issued by the courts. Debtors and other interested parties should follow the instructions in these notices and any further instructions provided by the trustee assigned to the case. As each district implements virtual section 341 meetings, the district’s Local 341 Meeting Information page will be updated with an effective date and trustees’ Zoom meeting information including Meeting IDs, Passcodes, dedicated phone numbers, and meeting links.

To go to your Local 341 Meeting Information page, click the appropriate link below:

U.S. State or Territory District and Division, if Applicable
Alaska District of Alaska        
Arizona District of Arizona        
Arkansas Eastern District of Arkansas Western District of Arkansas      
California Northern District of California, Oakland Division Northern District of California, San Francisco and Santa Rosa Divisions Northern District of California, San Jose Division Southern District of California Eastern District of California, Fresno Division 
  Eastern District of California, Modesto and Sacramento Divisions Central District of California, Los Angeles Division Central District of California, Northern and Woodland Hills Divisions  Central District of California, Riverside Division  Central District of California, Santa Ana Division 
Colorado District of Colorado        
Connecticut District of Connecticut        
Delaware District of Delaware        
District of Columbia District of Columbia        
Florida Northern District of Florida  Southern District of Florida Middle District of Florida, Orlando and Jacksonville Divisions Middle District of Florida, Tampa and Ft. Myers Divisions  
Georgia Northern District of Georgia Southern District of Georgia Middle District of Georgia    
Guam District of Guam        
Hawaii District of Hawaii        
Idaho District of Idaho        
Illinois Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division Northern District of Illinois, Western Division Southern District of Illinois Central District of Illinois  
Indiana Northern District of Indiana Southern District of Indiana      
Iowa Northern District of Iowa Southern District of Iowa       
Kansas District of Kansas        
Kentucky Eastern District of Kentucky  Western District of Kentucky      
Louisiana Eastern District of Louisiana Western District of Louisiana Middle District of Louisiana    
Maine District of Maine        
Maryland District of Maryland, Baltimore Division   District of Maryland, Greenbelt Division      
Massachusetts District of Massachusetts, Central and Western Divisions District of Massachusetts, Eastern Division      
Michigan Eastern District of Michigan Western District of Michigan      
Minnesota District of Minnesota        
Mississippi Northern District of Mississippi Southern District of Mississippi       
Missouri Eastern District of Missouri Western District of Missouri      
Montana District of Montana        
Nebraska District of Nebraska        
Nevada District of Nevada, Northern Division  District of Nevada, Southern Division       
New Hampshire District of New Hampshire        
New Jersey District of New Jersey         
New Mexico District of New Mexico        
New York Northern District of New York, Albany Division  Northern District of New York, Utica Division Southern District of New York, Manhattan and White Plains Divisions Southern District of New York, Poughkeepsie Division Eastern District of New York, Brooklyn Division
  Eastern District of New York, Central Islip Division Western District of New York, Buffalo Division Western District of New York, Rochester Division    
North Dakota District of North Dakota        
Northern Mariana Islands District of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands        
Ohio Northern District of Ohio Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division and Western Division at Dayton Southern District of Ohio, Western Division at Cincinnati    
Oklahoma Northern District of Oklahoma Eastern District of Oklahoma Western District of Oklahoma    
Oregon District of Oregon, Eugene Division  District of Oregon, Portland Division       
Pennsylvania Eastern District of Pennsylvania Western District of Pennsylvania Middle District of Pennsylvania    
Puerto Rico District of Puerto Rico         
Rhode Island District of Rhode Island        
South Carolina District of South Carolina        
South Dakota District of South Dakota        
Tennessee Eastern District of Tennessee Western District of Tennessee Middle District of Tennessee    
Texas Northern District of Texas Southern District of Texas, Houston, Galveston, and Victoria Divisions Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Laredo, and McAllen Divisions Eastern District of Texas Western District of Texas, Austin, Midland, and Waco Divisions
  Western District of Texas, San Antonio and El Paso Divisions        
Utah District of Utah        
Vermont District of Vermont        
Virgin Islands (U.S.) District of the U.S. Virgin Islands        
Virginia Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division Eastern District of Virginia, Newport News and Norfolk Divisions Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division Western District of Virginia  
Washington Eastern District of Washington Western District of Washington      
West Virginia Northern District of West Virginia Southern District of West Virginia      
Wisconsin Eastern District of Wisconsin Western District of Wisconsin       
Wyoming District of Wyoming         


* * *

NOTE: Bankruptcy cases in Alabama and North Carolina are not under the jurisdiction of the United States Trustee Program. Questions regarding bankruptcy cases filed in the six judicial districts in those states should be directed to the Bankruptcy Administrator for the district where the case is pending. Contact information for the Bankruptcy Administrators is available on the federal judiciary's website at

Updated June 20, 2024