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Region 16 : Staff Directory

Woodland Hills Office staff work out of the Los Angeles Office.

Name Position Telephone
Eryk R. Escobar Assistant U. S. Trustee 213-894-4480
Katherine C. Bunker Trial Attorney 213-894-3326
Russell Clementson Trial Attorney 213-894-4505
Brian Fittipaldi Trial Attorney 213-894-3242
Maria Marquez Analyst 213-894-3299
Alfred Cooper Paralegal Specialist 213-894-3363
Sandra Cruz Paralegal Specialist 213-894-3317
Joyce Hong Paralegal Specialist 213-894-3327
Veronica Hernandez Secretary 213-894-3441

Santa Barbara Satellite Unit

Name Position Telephone
Brian Fittipaldi Trial Attorney 805-957-4100
Updated March 9, 2024