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Important Note Regarding Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Final Rules

March 14, 2013

The credit counseling and debtor education final rules were published today in the Federal Register. Each of the final rules contains a Summary of Changes in Final Rule setting forth the differences between the final rules and the notices of proposed rulemaking.

The final rules are effective thirty days from the date of publication. Existing approved agencies and providers shall become familiar with the obligations set forth in the final rules. Please see the “Important Note Regarding Use of Application Forms” set forth on each of the Credit Counseling and Debtor Education application pages.
For Consumers
Credit Counseling for Consumers
Debtor Education
The United States Trustee Program does not endorse or recommend any particular credit counseling agency or debtor education provider, or guarantee the quality of its counseling or instructional services.
For Agencies, Providers, and Applicants
Important: Publication of the credit counseling and debtor education final rules will impact application procedures beginning on the effective date of the final rules. Please visit the Credit Counseling and/or Debtor Education pages for further information.
If you wish to apply for approval to provide nonprofit budget and credit counseling services, and/or a post-filing debtor education course, please click on the "Application, Instructions, and Appendices" links below.
Credit Counseling
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Credit Counseling Final Rule:
EOUST-102 [PDF -690 KB]
Debtor Education Final Rule:
EOUST-104 [PDF - 511 KB]
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