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CDCA and Summer Night Lights

On Thursday, July 26, one of the longest and most beautiful evenings of the year, the United States Attorney’s Office launched their annual volunteer partnership with the City of Los Angeles’ Summer Night Lights Program (“SNL”) at Jim Gilliam Park in the Baldwin Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. USTA Teaching Pro, Marty Woods, and AUSAs Dennis Mitchell, Heather Gorman and Bruce Riordan led the Youth Tennis Clinic on the tennis courts of lower Jim Gilliam Park, running dozens of neighborhood youth through tennis training drills. Community Relations Specialist Gymeka Williams coordinated CDCA volunteers Shaton McDaniel (and her husband), Richard Cordero, Sarah Spielberger, Pat Myles, and Daryl Meigs at the upper level of the Park – where they helped to cook and serve hundreds of hamburgers to neighborhood residents. The SNL Program Managers described the CDCA’s effort as “amazing.” The SNL Program will continue at Jim Gilliam Park throughout the summer and the CDCA will provide volunteers every Thursday night.

Updated January 19, 2021

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