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National Rebuilding Day

AUSA Erik Silber

On Saturday, April 26, Community Relations Specialist Gymeka Williams led a group of CDCA volunteers’ participation in “National Rebuilding Day” in Long Beach, California. The effort was a part of the Rebuilding Together Long Beach (RTLB) program, a very active local branch of the national Rebuilding Together organization that brings volunteers together to help beautify and restore our nation’s communities. Ms. Williams was the “House Co-Captain” for the project and she and the volunteers donated their time and skill to restoring a house on Maine Avenue in Long Beach. The daylong effort brought together volunteers from all over the local area, including the various worlds of law enforcement, business and education, and it demonstrated that a focused and dedicated group of volunteers can make an enormous difference in their communities. Participants from the CDCA included, in addition to Ms. Williams, Frances Cintron and her husband, Edwin, Richard Cordero, Linda Lapham, Peggy Martin, Jennifer McNabb, Vib Mittal and wife, Nikki, Erik Silber, and Chi Tran.

Updated January 19, 2021

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