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Rebuilding Together Long Beach Program

October 26, 2013
Rebuilding Together Long Beach Program 1

Commander Randy Allen, Gymeka Williams,
Chief of Police Jim McDonnell and Linda Lapham

On Saturday, October 26, volunteers from the United States Attorney’s Office participated in the Rebuilding Together Long Beach Program (RTLB) and helped clean-up a Long Beach residence in serious need of assistance. Volunteers from the Office, including United States Attorney Birotte, joined volunteers from the Long Beach Police Department, including Chief of Police Jim McDonnell and Commander Randy Allen, the Long Beach Fire Department, Cal State Long Beach and others, to help rebuild a residence in North Long Beach. The day-long project included a variety of tasks, including painting, construction and general clean-up. At the end of the day, the residence was sparkling clean and the street corner was transformed, demonstrating the power of collective community engagement. The CDCA’s involvement was arranged by the Office’s Community Relations Specialist, Gymeka Williams, who also served as an RTLB Project Captain.

Rebuilding Together Long Beach Program 2

Shaton McDaniel and her fiancé Dominick, with US Attorney Birotte


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