Crime Victims’ Rights Act Complaint Form

If you have been "directly or proximately harmed as a result of the commission of a [federal offense]," and believe you were denied one or more of your rights afforded under the Crime Victims' Rights Act of 2004 by a Department of Justice employee or office, you may complete the Complaint Form and mail or fax it to the designated contact person on the Form.

Alleging Failure of Department of Justice Employee to Provide Rights to a Crime Victim Under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act of 2004

Complaint Form in English (PDF)

Complaint Form in English (Word)

Alegato de Que un Empleado del Departamento de Justicia no ha Otorgado Derechos a Una Víctima del Delito de Acuerdo con la Ley de Derechos de Víctimas del Delito de 2004

Forma de la queja en Español (PDF)

Updated January 21, 2016

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