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Court Documents


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Please note the court documents below have all been unsealed.

Case Name

USAO District

Defendant(s) Name

Charging Document

U.S. v. Neda Mehrabani CDCA Neda Mehrabani Information
U.S. v. Jinnie Hernandez DNJ Jinnie Hernandez Information
U.S. v. Marc Muller DNJ Marc Muller Information
U.S. v. Mark Weisberg DNJ Mark Weisberg Information
U.S. v. Ryan Ruediger DNJ Ryan Ruediger Information
U.S. v. Steven Diamanstein DNJ Steven Diamanstein Indictment
U.S. v. Chintan Anjaria DSC Chintan Anjaria Information
U.S. v. Jeffrey Brooks DSC Jeffrey Brooks Information
U. S. v. Craig Lovelace EDLA Craig Lovelace Information
U.S. v. Melanie Davis EDMI Melanie Davis Information
U.S. v. Carlo Garcia EDNY Carlo Garcia Complaint
U.S. v. Jian Ai Chen EDNY Jian Ai Chen Information
U.S. v. Manling Shen, et al. EDNY Ruibing Zhu, Manling Shen Superseding Indictment
U.S. v. Perry Frankel EDNY Perry Frankel Superseding Indictment
U.S. v. Zhibin Lai EDNY Zhibin Lai Information
U.S. v. David Antonio Beceril EDWA David Antonio Beceril Indictment
U.S. v. Geoffrey Wayne Reynolds EDWA Geoffrey Wayne Reynolds Information
U.S. v. Markita Barnes EDWI Markita Barnes Indictment
U.S. v. Angela Hughes, et al. ID Angela Hughes, Sydney Neal  Indictment
U.S v. Tommy Louisville MDFL Tommy Louisville Indictment
U.S. v. Joelson Viveros MDFL Joelson Viveros Information
U.S. v. Stephen Duvall, et al. MDFL Stephen Duvall, Steven McDonald Information
U.S. v. Steven Parker MDFL Steven Parker Information
U.S. v. Billy Baker MDLA Billy Baker Information
U.S. v. Rodney Sosa NDTX Rodney Sosa Information
Updated September 26, 2023