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Forums Focused on Community Response to Hate Crimes

Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes Forum

Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes Forums are half day forums which provide community members and law enforcement professionals with information related to the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, as well as state and local hate crimes laws. The program engages local and federal law enforcement professionals, district attorneys, and community advocacy organizations in discussions and information sharing on methods to combat and respond to bias incidents and hate crimes.

A typical forum will include the following components:

  • Information on the state of bias and hate crimes, to help attendees better understand hate crime laws, and the investigation and prosecution of hate crimes
  • Accounts from community leaders on the challenges facing their diverse groups
  • Resources to help the community in the aftermath of hate crimes

Protecting Places of Worship

Protecting Places of Worship forums are three to four hours in duration and are offered upon request. The forum provides faith-based leaders and congregations with information about religious hate crimes, local, state and federal law enforcement threat assessments, and steps to protect places of worship from potential hate crimes and other threats of violence. The program encourages the implementation of a security program, offers best practices for security, fosters networking and community outreach, and provides resources such as examples of security plans and community responses.

Program goals:

  • Educate communities on hate crime prevention and response
  • Provide communities with best practices and resources on how to secure places of worship and respond in active shooter situations
  • Improve relations between government agencies and faith leaders in the community
Updated February 22, 2023