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Sexual Harassment in Housing Initiative - Testimonials

“I didn’t know what to do when he grabbed me, but I knew it was wrong. I’m so relieved that . . . [DOJ] stopped him from doing this to any woman in the future.” S.E.

“I know you’ve been working on this case for a long time, finding lots of women he hurt,  and it means so much to me because you are the only ones to believe . . . me . . . .” E.R.

“[K]nowing he can’t do what he did to me to other women is a huge relief. I wish I had come forward sooner. Thank you for stopping him." P.W.

“He is a bad man who preys on vulnerable single moms and because of you and your case he can’t do that any more.” S.H.

“My experience [with my landlord] was humiliating and made me feel disgusting and I have been secretly tormented inside for years.  I was too ashamed to talk to anybody about it.  But then [DOJ] came along and made me believe it wasn’t my fault and informed me I wasn’t the only victim of this man.  Talking about my experiences has helped me begin to heal.  Just knowing he won’t be able to do this to another woman again makes me feel relieved. . . . I’m finally moving on inside.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“Thank you very much for your hard work, long hours and the passion you put into providing justice for the individuals and families with this case.  Because of your hard work and diligence, our world is a better place and others can freely reside, living out their dreams without being in harm’s way.  Simply put, you guys Rock!”

“I didn’t speak up when I was assaulted many years ago.  I am thankful that I had the chance to speak up now.”

Updated May 29, 2018