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Government Reports

U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of Labor
Library of Congress - Congressional Research Service (CRS)
Library of Congress - Law Library of Congress (LLOC)
  • Family Reunification Laws in Selected Jurisdictions - July 2014


Foreign Government Reports

Canada Responses to Information Requests (RIRs)
    • ARG105703.E - Criminality, including the situation in Cordoba; measures taken by authorities and effectiveness; state protection offered to victims and witnesses of crime, including effectiveness (2015-December 2016)
    • ARG105702.E - Requirements and procedures for lodging a criminal complaint with the police in Cordoba, including documents received by the complainant; whether the complaint file is accessible to the complainant, including procedure to obtain a copy of the file (2015-December 2016)


    • ARG105407.E Women victims of domestic violence; state protection and resources available to victims (2013-2015) - January 2016


    • ZZZ201445.E Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, and Uruguay: Rights of citizens of countries belonging to the Southern Common Market (Mercado Común del Sur, MERCOSUR) to residence, employment, and education in other MERCOSUR countries (2021–April 2023) - April 2023


    • ARG105704.FE - Whether the Cumelcan Foundation (Fundación Cumelcan) is under investigation for economic fraud, including details on the official complaint and judiciary process; whether an investigation is taking place to determine if employees were threatened or persecuted following the fraud investigation, including details of the investigation (2015-December 2016)



Non-Government Organization Reports

Amnesty International
    • “What I’m Doing Is Not A Crime” The Human Cost Of Ccriminalizing Sex Work In The City Of Buenos Aires, Agrentina - 2016

    • The State As A Catalyst For Violence Against Women: Violence Against Women And Torture Or Other Ill-Treatment In The Context Of Sexual And Repoductive Health In Latin America And The Caribbean - Apr. 2016

    • Americas: No future without courage: Human rights defenders in the Americas speaking up on the climate crisis - Nov. 2023
    • Amnesty International Report 2022/23: The state of the world’s human rights - Mar. 2023
Country Maps
Election World
Freedom House
Human Rights Watch
  • Illusions of Care: Lack of Accountability for Reproductive Rights in Argentina - August 2010
  • A Case For Legal Abortion: The Human Cost of Barriers to Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Argentina - August 2020
Minority Rights Group International
  • State of the World’s Minorities and Indigenous Peoples - 20152012
World Health Organization


Country Profiles

Amnesty International BBC
Freedom House Human Rights Watch
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