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United Arab Emirates

US Government Reports

U.S. Department of State
Library of Congress
Library of Congress-Congressional Research Service (CRS)
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)
  • Factsheet on Shari’a and LGBTI Persons – March 2021
  • Violating Rights – Enforcing the World’s Blasphemy Laws – Dec. 2020


Foreign Government Organization Reports

Canada Immigration and Refugee Board
  • ZZZ106014.E - Palestine and United Arab Emirates: residence status of stateless Palestinians, including access to employment, education, health care and other services, and the ability to travel in and out of the country; the requirements and procedures to renew residence status; treatment of stateless Palestinians whose residence status has expired – Nov. 2017

Non-Government Organization Reports

Amnesty International
  • UAE: The Human Rights Situation in the United Arab Emirates Ahead of COP28 - June 2023
  • Amnesty International Report 2022/23: The state of the world’s human rights - Mar. 2023
  • Covid-19 Crackdowns - Police Abuse and the Global Pandemic – Dec. 2020
  • Amnesty International Global Report:  Death Sentences and Executions – 2020
  • Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa: Review of 2018
Country Maps
Election Guide
Freedom House
Human Rights Watch
  • Trapped - How Male Guardianship Policies Restrict Women’s Travel and Mobility in the Middle East and North Africa - July 2023
  • The Persecution of Ahmed Mansoor ;  How the United Arab Emirates Silenced its Most Famous Human Rights Activist – Jan. 2021
  • Migrant Workers' Rights on Saadiyat Island in the United Arab Emirates - Feb. 2015
  • "I Already Bought You" Abuse and Exploitation of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in the United Arab Emirates - October 2014
  • The Island of Happiness Revisted:  A progress report on institutional commitments to address abuses of migrant workers on Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island – March 2012
  • "The Island of Happiness" Exploitation of Migrant Workers on Saadivyat Island, Abu Dhabi- May 2009
  • "Building Towers, Cheating Workers" Exploitation of Migrant Construction Workers in the United Arab Emirates - November 2006
Minority Rights Group
  • Minorities and Indigenous Peoples – May 2020
World Health Organization


Country Profiles

Amnesty International BBC
Freedom House Human Rights Watch
Updated December 19, 2023