How to File a 274A Complaint


Guidance in filing a complaint alleging unlawful employment.

You must include the following information with one original and four copies of:

♦   A legible request for hearing

♦   Notice of Intent to Fine

♦   A prayer for relief or request for relief

♦   Complaint signed by DHS attorney

♦   A cover sheet which clearly identifies:

  • Respondent
  • Respondent’s attorney or representative to be served
  • Updated names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses
  • City and State where the violation occurred

If you request a returned copy of a document, provide the copy and a stamped self-addressed envelope to:

Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer
5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 2519
Falls Church, VA 22041

Updated July 17, 2018

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