Listing Of Volume 14 Decisions

All OCAHO decisions and orders published after May 1, 2015 will follow a revised numbering system in order to facilitate subsequent case history research. Under the revised numbering system, if an OCAHO case results in multiple published decisions, all of the decisions in that same case will be published under the same reference number, with "sub-letters" for decisions after the first decision. The sub-letters will be lower-case, beginning with "a" (e.g., 1247, 1247a, 1247b, etc.). All subsequent decisions in a single case would appear on OCAHO’s decision listings page directly under any previous decisions in that case.

Please note that published decisions with sub-letters are not subordinate to or less authoritative than the first published decision in a case simply because those subsequent decisions have been assigned a sub-letter. The sub-letters merely indicate the order in which the decisions in that case were issued and published, not their relative importance.

United States v. Alma Delia Rubio-Reyes    19C00033 3/27/2020 1349 (PDF)  
Alex J. Montalvo v. Kering Americas, Inc. 2020B00008 4/2/2020 1350 (PDF)  
Melody Gay Brooks v. Anthem, Inc. 2020B00038 4/10/2020 1351 (PDF)  
MD Shakhawat Hossain v. Job Service North Dakota 2020B00035 4/10/2020 1352 (PDF)  
Jayaben Patel v. USCIS Boston 2020B00036 4/24/2020 1353 (PDF)  
Manikandan Sivasankar v. Strategic Staffing Solutions    2020B00016 4/24/2020 1354 (PDF)  
United States v. Eriksmoen Cottages, Ltd 19A00026 5/1/2020 1355 (PDF)  
Zaji Obatala Zajradhara v. Changxing Corporation    2020B00047 5/8/2020 1356 (PDF)  
United States v. R2M2 Rebar & Stressing, Inc. 2020A00042 5/8/2020 1357 (PDF)  
Leola Branch v. Duong Schumacher 2020B00033 5/29/2020 1358 (PDF)  
United States v. Maria Gregorio-Gomez 2020C00053 6/1/2020 1359 (PDF)  
Martine Mbitaze v. Greenbelt Police Department 2020B00005 6/9/2020 1360 (PDF)  
United States v. 1523 Avenue J Foods, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store No. 36802 19A00047 6/9/2020 1361 (PDF)  
Ravi Sharma v. Lattice Semiconductor 19B00048 6/19/2020 1362 (PDF)  
Ravi Sharma v. Lattice Semiconductor 19B00048 6/25/2020 1362a (PDF)  
Zaji Obatala Zajradhara v. GIG Partners 2020B00010 6/19/2020 1363 (PDF)  
United States v. Emiliano Rios-Villatoro 2020C00058 6/19/2020 1364 (PDF)  

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Updated July 1, 2020

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