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16-01 (PDF) Filing Applications for Asylum
15-01 Hearing Procedures for Cases Covered by new DHS Priorities and Initiatives (Rescinded June 15, 2017)
13-03 (PDF) Guidelines for Implementation of the ABT Settlement Agreement
13-02 (PDF) The Asylum Clock (Replaces OPPM 11-02)
13-01 (PDF) Continuances and Administrative Closure
12-01 (PDF) Procedures on Handling Applications for Suspension/Cancellation in Non-Detained Cases Once Numbers are no Longer Available in a Fiscal Year (Replaces OPPM 11-01)
  2011 OPPMs subsequently replaced
10-01 (PDF) Procedures for Handling Requests for a Stipulated Removal Order
09-02 (PDF) Protective Orders and the Sealing of Records in Immigration Proceedings (Replaces OPPM 02-02)
09-01 (PDF) Classified Information in Immigration Court Proceedings (Replaces OPPM 98-10)
08-04 (PDF) Guidelines for Telephonic Appearances by Attorneys and Representatives at Master Calendar and Bond Redetermination Hearings
08-03 (PDF) Application of the Immigration Court Practice Manual to Pending Cases (Amended June 20, 2008)
08-02 (PDF) Claims for Compensatory Time Off for Travel
08-01 (PDF) Guidelines for Facilitating Pro Bono Legal Services
07-01 (PDF) Guidelines for Immigration Court Cases Involving Unaccompanied Alien Children (Replaces OPPM 04-07)
06-03 (PDF) Procedures for Automatic Stay Cases (Interim)
06-02 (PDF) Delegation of Signature Authority (Replaces OPPM 04-02)
06-01 (PDF) Fee Waiver Form (Interim)
05-07 (PDF) Definitions and Use of Adjournment, Call-up and Case Identification Codes (Replaces OPPM 03-03)
05-06 (PDF) Rescinding OPPM 99-01 (Asylum Grants Based on Coercive Population Control
05-04 (PDF) Security Guidelines In Detention Facilities
05-03 (PDF) Background and Security Investigations in Proceedings before Immigration Judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals (Interim)
05-02 (PDF) Procedures for Issuing Recusal Orders in Immigration Proceedings
05-01 Immigration Judge Reassignment/Transfer Policy (Cancelled)
04-09 (PDF) U.S. - Canada Agreement Regarding Cooperation in the
Examination of Refugee Status Claims - "Safe Third Country" (Interim)
04-08 (PDF) Contract Interpreter Services (Replaces OPPM 04-05)
04-06 (PDF)

Hearings Conducted Through Telephone Conference And Video Conference
(Replaces OPPM 04-04)

04-01 (PDF) Electronic Devices in the Courtroom
03-06 (PDF) Procedures for Going Off-Record During Proceedings (Supplements OPPM 98-2)
03-05 (PDF) Scheduling Leave and Approval of Leave Requests and Time & Attendance Reports for Court Personnel (Replaces OPPM 98-4)
03-04 (PDF) Use of Federal Express Delivery Service
03-01 Contract Interpreter Services (Rescinded April 24, 2003)
02-05 (PDF) Excused Absence/Administrative Leave for Attendance at Conferences and Conventions
01-03 (PDF) Continued Detention Review Hearings
01-02 (PDF) Changes of Venue (Replaces OPPM 97-10)
01-01 (PDF) Immigration Court Evaluation Program
00-02 (PDF) Attorney Discipline
00-01 (PDF) Asylum Request Processing (Revised August 4, 2000)
99-5 (PDF) Implementation of Article 3 of the UN Convention Against Torture
99-4 (PDF) Electronic I-830 (Notice to EOIR: Alien Address)
99-3 (PDF) Facsimile (FAX) Machine Policy between INS, Guam, and the Honolulu, HI Immigration Court
98-9 (PDF) Administrative Control List and Posting Procedures
98-8 (PDF) Cancellation of Outdated Operating Policies and Procedures
98-7 (PDF) Management of Institutional Hearing Program
98-6 (PDF) Detail City Coverage (Replaces OPPM 86-11)
98-3 (PDF) Regulations Implementing Motions to Reopen for Suspension of Deportation/Cancellation of Removal under NACARA and other NACARA Cases.
98-2 (PDF) Guidelines for Recording Immigration Hearings (Replaces OPPM 83-3)
97-9 (PDF) Motions for "Prima Facia" Determination and Verification Requests for Battered Spouses and Children
97-8 (PDF) Naturalization Oath Ceremonies
97-7 (PDF) Procedures for Identifying Potential Battered Spouse/Battered Child Cases
97-5 (PDF) Facsimile (Fax) Machine Policy
97-3 (PDF) Procedures for Credible Fear and Claimed Status Reviews (Interim)
97-2 (PDF) Notices of Immigration Judge Hearings (Interim)
97-1 (PDF) Maintaining the List of Free Legal Service Providers
96-6 (PDF) Arrests by INS Officers in or near Immigration Court Facilities
96-5 (PDF) Creation of Immigration Judge Advisory Committees
96-4 (PDF) Processing of Motions and Appeals
95-2 (PDF) Earliest Possible Release Dates on Institutional Hearing Program Cases
94-10 (PDF) Wearing of the Robe During Immigration Judge Hearings
94-6 Continuances (Rescinded March 7, 2013)
93-4 (PDF) Cancellation of Outdated OPPMs
93-1 (PDF) Immigration Judges Decisions and Orders

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  1992 OPPMs cancelled
91-1 (PDF) El Salvadoran and Guatemalan Cases Subject to Temporary Protected Status and Settlement in ABC v. Thornburgh
90-9 (PDF) El Salvadoran Cases Subject to Temporary Protected Status and Settlement in American Baptist Churches v. Thornburgh
90-5 (1) Applications Which Require Good Moral Character and (2) Filing Appeal Briefs in Detained Cases (Rescinded June 15, 2017)
90-4 (PDF) Handling Charging Document in Administratively Closed Cases
  1989 OPPMs cancelled
88-9 (PDF) Courtroom Security
88-3 (PDF) Filing of Charging Documents in Cases Previously Administratively Closed
87-1 Automation of the Manual Information System on ANSIR (Rescinded June 15, 2017)
86-7 Attorney/Accredited Representative Disciplinary Actions (Rescinded June 15, 2017)
86-1 Adjustment of Status & Creation of Lawful Permanent (Rescinded June 15, 2017)
  1985 OPPMs cancelled
84-9 (PDF) Processing Hearing Transcriptions
84-7 (PDF) Court Actions Against EOIR Employees
84-2 (PDF) Cases in Which Respondents Applicants Fail to Appear
For Hearing
84-1 (PDF) Case Priorities and Processing
  1983 OPPMs cancelled

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