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Workload and Adjudication Statistics

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1. Pending Cases (PDF)

2. New Cases and Total Completions (PDF)

3. New Cases and Total Completions-Historical (PDF)

3A. Initial Receipts with Specific Charges (PDF)

6. FY 2023 Decision Outcomes (PDF)

6A. Dedicated Dockets (PDF)

Credible Fear, Reasonable Fear, and Asylum

7. Credible Fear Review and Reasonable Fear Review Decisions (PDF)

8. Pending I-862 Proceedings Originating With a Credible Fear Claim and All Pending I-862s (PDF)

9. Rates of Asylum Filings in Cases Originating with a Credible Fear Claim (PDF)

10. Asylum Decision Rates in Cases Originating with a Credible Fear Claim (PDF)

11. Asylum Decision Rates (PDF)

12. Asylum Decision Rates by Nationality (PDF)

13. Asylum Decision Rates in Cases Originating with a Credible Fear Claim By Nationality (PDF)

13A. FY 23 Asylum Grant Rates by Court (PDF)

14. Total Asylum Applications (PDF)

15. Affirmative Asylum Applications (PDF)

16. Defensive Asylum Applications (PDF)

Detention Time Frames

17. Median Completion Times for Detained Cases (PDF)

18. Median Pending Times for Detained Cases (PDF)

19. Percentage of DHS-Detained Cases Completed Within Six Months (PDF)

In Absentia

20. In Absentia Removal Orders (PDF)

21. Asylum Applicant In Absentia Removal Orders (PDF)

22. In Absentia Removal Orders in Cases Originating with a Credible Fear Claim (PDF)

23. UAC In Absentia Removal Orders (PDF)

24. Comparison of In Absentia Rates (PDF)

Immigration Judge Corps

25. Immigration Judge Hiring (PDF)

25A. Number of Courtrooms (PDF)

26. Immigration Judge Complaints (PDF)


27. Motions (PDF)


28. Current Representation Rates (PDF)

28A. Dedicated Docket Representation Rates (PDF)

Unaccompanied Alien Children

29. Pending Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) Cases (PDF)

30. Current Median UAC Case Pending Time (PDF)

31. UAC Statistics (PDF)

Remote Hearings

32. Remote Hearings (PDF)

Hearing Language

34. Hearing Language (PDF)

FOIA Receipts and Completions

35. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Receipts and Completions

Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer

36. OCAHO Case Receipts and Completions (PDF)

Board of Immigration Appeals

37. Case Appeals Filed, Completed, and Pending (PDF)

38. All Appeals Filed, Completed, and Pending (PDF)

39A. Circuit Court Remands Filed (PDF)

39B. Circuit Court Remands Filed by Circuit (PDF)

Attorney Discipline

40. Complaints Received (PDF)

Most of EOIR's FOIA information is in PDF format. In order to view the documents, please download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader - Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note that EOIR staff frequently enter and update information into the case database, so the statistics provided are subject to change. Please note that statistics for FYs 2020 and 2021 may have been affected by operational disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Updated March 22, 2024