About the Hate Crimes Website

The Justice Department was founded in 1870. One reason was to protect the rights of Black Americans from the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists who were trying to deprive them of the right to vote. Confronting hate-fueled violence is still central to our mission.

The Hate Crimes website is a central hub for our hate crimes resources for victims, advocacy groups, law enforcement, researchers, the media, and other interested individuals and organizations. It includes helpful information, like:

  • Case examples of acts of hate,
  • Instructions for reporting hate crimes and hate incidents,
  • Summaries and links to hate crimes statistics,
  • Assistance for victims and their communities, and
  • Funding opportunities for hate crimes research and training.

To find out more about how we work to prevent and fight hate crimes, and how we support victims and communities, click on the categories below.

Updated March 17, 2023

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