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ENRD Resource Manual

50. Answer Of Tax Collector

(Caption as in Complaint)


Defendant, Tax Collector in and for , hereby appears in this proceeding, waives issuance of any and all service of process and all notices, and for his/her answer alleges that the land designated in this proceeding as Tract(s) No(s)., which at the time of the taking, , was assessed to , is located within , and that all taxes, including those for the year 19, and all prior years which have been assessed against said property have been paid heretofore, or are due as shown below:

The total amount of taxes assessed against said property which has not been paid, as set forth above, is the sum of $, which should be paid to this defendant in his/her capacity as Tax Collector.

Wherefore, defendant prays that this court enter an order disbursing out of the funds on deposit to the credit of the aforesaid tract(s) the amount of $ to said defendant in payment of all taxes against said property.

Dated this the day of , 19__.

Tax Collector in and for


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