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ENRD Resource Manual

41. Order For Disbursement Of Funds

(Caption as in Complaint)


Plaintiff, United States of America, having moved the court for an order directing the Clerk of the Court to disburse funds out of the registry of the Court to the defendant(s) , and to credit said disbursement(s) to the funds now on deposit in the registry of the Court to the credit of Tract No. , and the Court having considered said motion and having read the application(s) is of the opinion that said motion should be granted.

IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED that the Clerk of this Court be and hereby is ordered to make the following disbursement(s) out of the funds in the registry of the Court:

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that said disbursement(s) be credited to Tract No. , that said disbursement(s) be without prejudice to the right of said defendant(s) to demand and receive additional compensation for the taking of said tract of land, and that should the compensation finally determined to be due to said defendant(s) be less than the amount hereby disbursed, the United States shall have a right to recover the difference between the amount disbursed pursuant thereto and the amount of the final judgment determining compensation, with the interest at 6 percent per annum thereon.

ENTERED THE day of , 19__.

United States District Judge


United States Attorney

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