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ENRD Resource Manual

19. Finalizing Settlement

If Departmental authorization is received to accept the offer, the U.S. Attorney should:

  1. Enter into a stipulation with the defendants involved (see ENRD Resource Manual at 34);
  2. Procure any necessary disclaimers (see ENRD Manual at 49) waivers of compensation or other releases needed to clear up title objections, including affidavits of heirship;
  3. Use show cause procedure (see ENRD Resource Manual at 57) to get parties into court on conflicting claims to share in the distribution of the award. The government has no part in these disputes, but should assist the court and take the initiative in order to expedite closing the case;
  4. Have judgment entered;
  5. Request a deficiency check, if necessary, as indicated at the ENRD Resource Manual at 15;
  6. If a final judgment vesting title in the United States is required, it should be entered; and
  7. Send the closing papers to the Department as indicated in JM 5-15.516.