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26. Amended Complaint

(Caption as in Complaint)



Plaintiff, United States of America, files this its Amended Complaint in Condemnation, which amendment applies only to that land in this proceeding designated in the original Complaint filed in this cause on the __ day of , 19, as Tract(s) No(s)., and should show the Court:

  1. By authority of the __ and the Attorney General of the United States the above-mentioned land was included in these proceedings in condemnation, and from the best information obtainable it has been determined that the following named persons are necessary parties defendant herein as to the respective tracts of land set out opposite their names below:
  2. The original Complaint filed in this cause contains a description of said tract(s) of land.
  3. Plaintiff adopts in full the allegations contained in its original Complaint herein, as fully and completely as though the same were again set forth in this Amended Complaint.

Wherefore, plaintiff prays as in its original Complaint, and in addition thereto prays as follows: That the persons hereinabove named be made parties defendants herein; that the just compensation for the taking of said tract(s) of land be ascertained; that the respective interests of said defendants and their right to receive a portion of the compensation awarded herein be ascertained and established; that the amount finally determined to be due said defendants as just compensation for the taking of said land be paid to them in the respective proportions found to be due them.

United States Attorney

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