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ENRD Resource Manual

21. Analysis Of Appraisal Reports By United States Attorneys

Appraisals supplied by an agency to a U.S. Attorney in support of a request to condemn a tract of land should be reviewed as soon as the case is received. In this regard, the U.S. Attorney should satisfy himself/herself that he/she has received all of the appraisals, whether approved or disapproved, from the acquiring agency. He/she should also insist that the review memorandums containing the critique of the appraisals and recommendations of the acquiring agency be forwarded with the appraisals. Where there is doubt in the U.S. Attorney's mind regarding the adequacy of any appraisal report, or if large sums of money are involved, the appraisal reports should be forwarded to the Land Acquisition Section which will request the Appraisal Unit to furnish an analysis and recommendation. It is important that the U.S. Attorney act upon the Appraisal Unit's recommendations and do so in a timely manner. This will insure that sound and proper appraisals are at hand for early settlemen t negotiations or for trial purposes.