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DOJ FOIA Reference Guide: Attachment C

Office of the Attorney General

Correspondence Management System

Office of the Deputy Attorney General

Correspondence Management System

Office of the Deputy Attorney General Correspondence Tracking System

Office of the Associate Attorney General

Correspondence Management System

Antitrust Division

Matter Tracking System

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

Civil Division

Civil Division Case Management System

Civil Rights Division

Community Relations Service

Community Relations Service Information System

Criminal Division

Automated Case Tracking System II

Drug Enforcement Administration

Environment and Natural Resources Division

Case Management System

Executive Office for Immigration Review

Case Access System for EOIR's%20mission%20is%20to,EOIR%20to%20meet%20these%20goals

Executive Office for United States Attorneys

Administrative Case Files

Citizen Complaint Files

Civil Case Files

Consumer Complaints Files

Citizen Correspondence Files

Criminal Case Files

U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia, Superior Court Operations, Criminal Files

Debt Collection Enforcement System

Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Files

Kline - District of Columbia and Maryland - Stock and Land Fraud Interrelationship Filing System

Major Crimes Division Investigative Files

United States Attorneys' Payroll Projection System

Learning Management System

Pre-Trial Diversion Program Files

Prosecutor's Management Information System

Security Clearance Forms for Grand Jury Reports

Executive Office for United States Trustees

Automated Case Management System

Fee Information and Collection System

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Central Records System

Fingerprint Identification Records System

National Crime Information Center

National DNA Index System

National Instant Criminal Background Check System

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

Claims Against Albania

Claims Against Libya

Claims Against Iraq

INTERPOL-United States National Central Bureau

US National Central Bureau Investigative and Administrative Records

Justice Management Division

Consolidated Asset Tracking System

Department Rent Management System

Justice Automated Command Center System

Justice Security Tracking and Adjudication Record System

Unified Financial Management System

National Security Division

Foreign Intelligence and Counterintelligence Records System

Office of Intelligence Automated Secure Information System

Office of Intelligence Litigation Records System

Office of Intelligence Policy Records System

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

COPS Management System

Office of Information Policy

Freedom of Information Act Appeals and Initial Requests System

Office of the Inspector General

Controlled Correspondence System

Freedom of Information and Privacy Act System

Inspector General Network for Information and Telecommunications Exchange

Inspections Tracking System

Investigations Data Management System

SIRU Case Index System

Office of Justice Programs

Program Accountability Library

Correspondence Tracking System

Office of Legal Counsel

Perceptive Search (formerly ISYS)

Office of Legal Counsel Daybooks

Office Matter Tracking System

Office of Legal Policy

Correspondence Management System

Historical and Record Management System of Appointed Federal Judges

Office of Legislative Affairs

Correspondence Management System

Records Management System

Office of the Pardon Attorney

Office of the Pardon Attorney Network

Office of Professional Responsibility

Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (FOI/PA) Records

Office of Public Affairs

Press Release Files

Office of the Solicitor General

Case Tracking System

Office on Violence Against Women

Professional Responsibility Advisory Office

Tax Division

Tax Division Docket and Case Management System

United States Marshals Service

Employee Assistance Program Records

Financial Management System

Joint Automated Booking Stations/System

Justice Detainee Information System

Prisoner Processing and Population Management/Prisoner Tracking System

Prisoner Transportation/Automated Prisoner Scheduling System

Property Management and Motor Vehicle Information System

Special Deputation Files

Standardized Tracking and Accounting Reporting System

Statistical Records and Report System

Warrant Information System

Witness Security Files Information System

United States Parole Commission

TRAK System

Updated January 13, 2023