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TAP Team Bios

Allison Spratlin

My name is Allison Spratlin and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since May 2015. I am the DOJ Federal Team Lead and I work in partnership with Marcia Good from the Office of Tribal Justice to administer the program.

Prior to joining TAP, I had over 20 years of experience working for both the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), in conducting audits of agencies with access to FBI CJIS systems and handling complex policy issues regarding access to national crime information databases.

Marcia Good

My name is Marcia Good, and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since it started, helping to develop the program beginning in 2014.  I am Senior Counsel to the Director of the Office of Tribal Justice (OTJ) and I help to administer the program; I’ve been with OTJ since 2013. 

Prior to joining OTJ, I was an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Montana for 14 years, prosecuting Indian Country crimes, as well as serving as the District’s Project Safe Childhood Coordinator and prosecuting child exploitation cases from 1999-2013.  I have also worked as a Guardian Ad Litem in child abuse and neglect cases, served as a Deputy County Attorney for seven years prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases, juvenile matters, elder abuse and felony cases, and worked as a District Court judicial law clerk, all in Montana.  At OTJ, I specialize in projects and policies in Indian Country in the areas of criminal jurisdiction and prosecution, victim issues, training for law enforcement, sexual offender registration, Tribal access to criminal databases, and children’s issues.

Jenna Dee

My name is Jenna Dee and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since May 2015.   I am a Project Manager and I am responsible for ensuring that the TAP program is meeting its strategic goals. This includes supporting the Business Relationship Managers, reviewing and compiling metrics on use, and tracking all risks and issues across the program.

Prior to joining TAP, I managed and led enterprise software deployments across the U.S. Department of Justice.  I have experience in leading complex, mission-critical programs/projects for federal agencies to improve organizational efficiencies and program outcomes.

Bradley S. Colquitt

My name is Brad Colquitt and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since the beginning of the program in October of 2015.  As lead, Business Relationship Manager (BRM), I am responsible for oversight of TAP BRMS and Trainers, as well as onboarding and vetting, deployment & training, and post deployment support of TAP Tribes.

Prior to joining TAP, I have worked in Federal IT projects for numerous government agencies. I have over 30 years’ experience in Information Technology consulting, planning, and implementation for various branches of the U.S. government.

James L. Barrett

My name is Jim Barrett. I’ve been a member of the TAP team since November 2017. I am a TAP trainer, and have over 32 years of Federal law enforcement experience as a special agent and manager.

Prior to joining the TAP team, I worked for the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations before retiring. After retirement, I served as a Program Manager for the Law Enforcement Information Sharing Initiative and worked extensively with Tribal law enforcement agencies in providing access to criminal justice information.  I was a core member and facilitator in the Tribal Law Enforcement Consortium of Arizona, a partnership of Tribal law enforcement agencies designed to exchange criminal justice information among its member agencies.

David Breslau

My name is Dave Breslau and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since October of 2018. Currently, I am a Policy Analyst and Business Relationship Manager (BRM). As a Policy Analyst and BRM, I assist Tribes with the onboarding and vetting process. I also assist with both pre-deployment webinar training and onsite deployment training, along with managing the ongoing relationship between the Tribe and the U.S. Department of Justice in the post-deployment phase. In addition to my BRM responsibilities, I assist and advise the TAP program on policy development for both TAP Tribes and the program in general. 

Prior to joining TAP, I served as an Office of Inspector General Special Agent, and served five years as Court Commissioner in major metropolitan city. The majority of my specialized training and experience is in fraud investigation and criminal interview and interrogation. 

Ashleigh Brunner

My name is Ashleigh Brunner and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since December 2018.  I am a Project Coordinator and am responsible for supporting TAP in all aspects: from assisting in pre-deployment onboarding and vetting to coordinating post-deployment training and resolving a vast array of technical issues. 

Prior to joining the TAP team, I supported the U.S. Department of Justice in many different investigative capacities. I have experience working with local and state law enforcement agencies and community organizations across the country to review conditions within institutions that affect vulnerable communities.

Christopher B. Chaney

My name is Chris Chaney and I have been a member of the TAP Team since June 2019 as Senior Counsel for Law Enforcement and Information Sharing with the Office of Tribal Justice. In this role, I will focus on Tribal information sharing and law enforcement issues and support TAP team training.

Immediately prior to joining TAP, I worked in the FBI Office of the General Counsel, Criminal Justice Information Law Unit located at the FBI CJIS facility in West Virginia.  I have also served as Deputy Director in the DOJ Office of Tribal Justice, Deputy Director for the Bureau of Indian Affair’s Office of Justice Services, Associate Solicitor for Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior, Assistant United States Attorney in Utah, and Prosecuting Attorney for the Jicarilla Apache Tribe in New Mexico and the Southern Ute Tribe in Colorado. I am a member of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation. I specialize in legal issues pertaining to Indian country law enforcement and information sharing.

Nadia Eley

My name is Nadia Eley and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since December 2018. I am the Business Relationship Manager for the Bureau of Indian Affairs TAP Kiosk Project. In this role, I am responsible for assisting in the pre-deployment onboarding and vetting and training for various agencies and Tribes.

Prior to joining the TAP team, I supported the U.S. Department of Justice in management and coordination of various national training and technical assistance programs. I have experience with assisting federal, state, and Tribal governments, practitioners, and community-based organizations in developing sustainable practices to enhance public safety.

Josh Franken

My name is Josh Franken and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since January of 2019.  I am a Business Relationship Manager. I work with Tribes during the deployment phase, assist with ongoing training needs, and collaborate with Tribes after deployment to ensure success.

Prior to joining TAP, I served the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, in various capacities including Tribal Police Officer, Tribal Police Detective specializing in acts of family violence, Housing Department Resident Services Manager, and Interim Director. I also worked as a trainer for several years supporting Tribes across the nation in delivering a shared vision under community policing projects. I worked as a trainer for the Tribal Public Safety Innovations project and was a key member of the National Indian Youth Academy. I have specialized experience in Tribal housing, Tribal social services, Tribal police, corrections, program management and training.

Lance Jordan

My name is Lance Jordan and I’ve been a member of the TAP team since February 2019.  I am a Trainer and I deploy to locations around the country to assist Business Relationship Managers in training all aspects of the TAP program. 

Prior to joining TAP, I was in the military for 30 years.  I finished my military career as the Alaska Air National Guard State Command Chief, with over 2500 flight hours, over 130 combat missions, and attributed with the save of 23 lives.  As Command Chief, I provided leadership to an organization of over 2300 men and women performing missions all over the world.  I have 14 years’ experience in the Alaska Counter Drug Support Program, providing Intelligence support to law enforcement agencies throughout Alaska, consisting of background checks, case support, video enhancement, mobile (air and ground) and static surveillance, database development, deployment, and operations.  

David Kilby

My name is Dave Kilby and I have been a member of the TAP team since October 2018.  I am a Business Relationship Manager and am responsible for the onboarding and vetting Tribes in the pre-deployment phase.  I am also responsible for instruction and training during deployment as well as ensuring the success of Tribes post-deployment.  

Prior to joining the TAP team, I enjoyed a 21 year law enforcement career, starting as a patrol officer in my home state of North Carolina.  I served there for over seven years, attaining the rank of Master Police Officer.  In 2005, I joined the U.S. Capitol Police in Washington, DC.  For the next 13 years, I had the opportunity to serve the US Capitol, the US House Of Representatives, and the Library of Congress.  My final assignment was as a Command Center Specialist, assisting in Security Management of the US Capitol Hill area.  My career in law enforcement has given me the opportunity to work extensively with NCIC and Criminal Justice Information Systems.

Jose H. Primera

My name is Jose Primera.  I am the lead Federal Training Instructor with the U.S. Department of Justice assigned to the Office of the Chief Information Officer within the Justice Management Division in Washington DC. I have also been appointed as the Deputy CJIS Systems Officer (CSO) for DOJ.

My training and law enforcement career has included 11 years with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, seven of which were in the Training Division at headquarters in Austin, Texas; where I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.  My background also includes 12 years with the Midland County Sheriff’s Office, where I played a key role in narcotics and undercover investigations. I currently hold a Deputy Sheriff’s Commission. I specialize in NCIC/ NLETS and JUST Training of Federal agents.

Brian Romer

My name is Brian Romer. I joined the TAP team in August of 2019 as a Business Relationship Manager. I am responsible for onboarding and vetting Tribes in the pre-deployment phase, and for providing training during deployment and post-deployment.

Prior to joining the TAP team, I worked as a Tribal police officer, detective, sergeant and lieutenant. As a sergeant, I worked closely with Tribal leaders to establish a family advocacy center within the community. The Tribal community I served was part of the TAP pilot program in 2016, and I served as the Tribal point of contact.

Updated December 4, 2019

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