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Education and Resources

Guide for Families of Missing Persons

When a loved one goes missing, dial 911 or contact law enforcement immediately when:

  • a person younger than 21 years old disappears
  • if the missing person is at immediate risk of injury or death, including a missing elder with cognitive disabilities or when someone goes missing during adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold
  • there is evidence or suspicion of foul play

This guide provides information and resources to assist family members with the search for a missing adult loved one


Find resources to help when a loved one goes missing:

  • Searching for a loved one
  • Engaging with law enforcement
  • Obtaining legal and financial assistance
  • Finding emotional and community support
Law Enforcement

Find resources to help law enforcement agencies and officers when a person goes missing:

  • Reporting missing persons
  • Engaging the community and other agencies
  • Finding financial assistance and resources
  • Information and help for law enforcement officers
Service Providers

Find tools and resources to help services providers, advocates and other stakeholders and professionals within the crime victims’ field.

Tribal Communities

Find MMIP response and prevention resources that can be used and shared at the community level.


Find resources on preventing violence and caring for loved ones with substance use disorders. Resources cover topics including child abduction, runaway prevention, human trafficking, behavioral health, mental health, suicide prevention and more. This basket has resources for families, individuals, communities and service providers.

Federal Grants and Funding

Federal funding opportunities are available for tribes and other organizations to use to address missing or murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives in their areas.