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Victim Services

Victim Services Provided by Our Office

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Available services

The staff of the Victim-Witness Program will work to become aware of your needs, feelings and concerns, and to answer questions you may have about participating in the case. Services commonly provided include:

•Support services, logistics

•Referrals to appropriate community agencies and programs, including information on how   to apply for Crime Victims Compensation in violent crime cases

•Security/Protection information and referrals

•Assistance with employers and creditors

•Information about the federal criminal justice system and your rights and roles as you participate

•Notification about dates, times, places, and outcomes of court proceedings

•Information about how you can submit a victim impact statement, or, where permissible, speak at court proceedings

•Information regarding the process for an order of restitution

•Accompanying victims to court for trials and sentencing hearings, upon request and when staff is available

•Assisting victims in obtaining release of their property after a case has been completed


Outside support services

1)  Federal


2)  State

3)  National

Updated September 29, 2021

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