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Environmental and Community Safety Crimes Section

Section Overview

AUSAs in the Environmental and Community Crimes Section handle a wide variety of environmental crime cases, including pollution by ocean going cruise vessels, underground fuel storage tank leaks, smuggling and distribution of ozone-depleting substances (CFCs and/or refrigerants) in violation of the federal Clean Air Act, unlawful transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes, destruction and removal of Native American artifacts and native plants on federal lands, and the smuggling of endangered species.  AUSAs in the section participate in community outreach efforts to encourage the reporting of environmental violations.  Members of the section also regularly provide training to agents and staff a variety of working groups and task forces.


Mark Williams

Mark Williams has been the Environmental & Community Safety Crimes Deputy Chief since 2013.  He joined the office in January 2008 and has served as a Deputy Chief in the General Crimes Section.  Mr. Williams has handled a variety of significant criminal cases including a $10 million dollar counterfeit currency case, the prosecution of Chipotle Mexican Grill for causing foodborne illnesses across the country, the prosecution of Monsanto Company for illegally applying pesticides in Hawaii, the 34-fatality Conception dive boat fire case, antiquities smuggling and art fraud cases, international wildlife trafficking cases, and trials involving narcotics, firearms, toxic hazardous waste, and sexual predators. 

Mr. Williams graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Political Science and received his J.D. with honors from Loyola Law School.  While in law school, he worked as an extern in the Criminal Division.  After law school, he joined Keesal, Young, and Logan where he handled securities litigation and admiralty matters, including the first federal admiralty trial before the Honorable Judge Guilford.

Recent Cases

May 2, 2022
Press Release
Filipino Seaman Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge for Fatally Stabbing Fellow Crewmember on Los Angeles-Bound Container Ship

March 24, 2022
Press Release
Oxnard Man Charged in Federal Indictment Alleging He Illegally Imported Thousands of Endangered Reptiles into United States

January 20, 2022
Press Release
South Korean National Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Attempting to Illegally Export to Asia Poached Wild Succulent Plants

December 20, 2021
Press Release
New Jersey Man Charged with Fraudulently Obtaining and Selling Three Tom Brady Super Bowl Rings, One of Which Sold for $337,000

December 15, 2021
Press Release
Three Companies Face Charges of Negligent Conduct During Offshore Oil Leak that Damaged Southern California Coastline

Section Contact Information

The United States Attorney's Office
Central District of California
Criminal Division
Attn: Environmental Crimes Section
312 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Updated May 2, 2022

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