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Archived District Reports

Archived 2016 Reports

In Turbulent Times, We Can Count on the Law

Community Policing Can Ease Tensions

When Hate Crimes and Terrorism Collide

Police week provides opportunity to thank police

Detroit One Focusing on Dismantling Violent Street Gangs

2015 Office Annual Report

Archived 2015 Reports

Office Moves at the U.S. Attorney’s Office

U.S. Attorney’s Office Marks 200 Years of Service to the Eastern District of Michigan

Protecting Places of Worship From Violent Extremists

Hiring Returning Citizens Makes Good Business Sense

Empowering Victims During National Crime Victims Week

Civil Rights Are Everyone’s Responsibility

2014 Annual Report

    Archived 2014 Reports

    Hate Crimes Have No Place In A Democratic Society

    Plunging Crime Rate Should Be Part Of Detroit’s Comeback Story

    Reducing Gang Violence Comes Through Enforcement and Prevention

    DOJ Recognizes Contributions by LGBT Employees

    Effective Crime Reduction Strategy Includes Prisoner Re-Entry

    Prescription Pain Pills Are Gateway to Heroin Overdoses - April 2014

    Preventing Fraud Against Seniors During Crime Victims' Week - April 2014

    Don’t Be a Target of Identity Theft - February 2014

      Archived 2013 Reports

      United States Attorney's Office Eastern District Of Michigan Annual Report For 2013

      Summit Will Explore Good Governance in Detroit - October 2013

      Ceasefire Detroit Seeks to Reduce Violent Crime - August 2013

      Citizens Stand Up to Criminals in National Night Out Against Crime - July 2013

      Cyber Crime Presents Emerging Threat - May 2013

      Detroit One Brings Law Enforcement and Community Together To Achieve Thriving City- April 2013

      The Right to Counsel Must be Safeguarded - March 2013

        Archived 2012 Reports

        United States Attorney's Office Eastern District of Michigan Annual Report For 2012,Enforcement, Prevention, Community Trust

        Human Trafficking Victims Hide In Plain Sight - December 2012

        Protecting Michigan's Technology - September 2012

        Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Residents Through Civil Rights Enforcement - July 2012

        Improving Public Safety in Tribal Lands - March 2012

        Prevention is Key to Reducing Violent Crime - April 2012

        Protecting Investors from Fraud - June 2012 - June 2012

          Archived 2011 Reports

          Protecting National Security Is the Top Priority - April 2011

          The U.S. Attorney's Report to the District - "Child Predators Use Technology To Exploit Children - May 2011"

          Attacking Mortgage Fraud - July 2011

          Honor 9-11 Victims By Preventing Attacks, Preserving Rights - Sept 2011

          Preventing Youth Violence - Oct 2011

          Targeted Approaches to Reducing Violent Crime - Dec 2011

          United States Attorney's Office Eastern District Of Michigan Annual Report For 2011, Enforcement, Prevention, Community Trust

            Archived 2010 Reports

            Restructuring the U.S. Attorney's Office - August 2010

            Reducing Violent Crime - September 2010

            Combating Health Care Fraud - October 2010

            Setting Priorities To Improve the Quality of Life in Michigan - December 2010

            Annual Report to the District for 2010

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