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Financial Fraud

Financial fraud schemes cause serious harm to our state’s best assets – our natural resources, our homes and our industries.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office attacks financial fraud on a variety of fronts. Our White Collar Crime Unit handles mortgage fraud and investor fraud, among other crimes. Mortgage fraud harms our community by causing foreclosures that reduce property values in neighborhoods. Foreclosed homes also become havens for criminal activity. Investor schemes prey on the elderly, employee pension funds, and small business owners. By prosecuting these cases, we hope to deter others from committing them in the future.

Our Complex Crimes Unit combats environmental crimes, which harm our state’s clean air and water. The Complex Crimes Unit also addresses theft of trade secrets, prosecuting individuals and businesses who steal from the auto and tech industries after the investment of time and money into new technologies.

The Health Care Fraud Unit prosecutes providers who submit fraudulent billing records to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, receiving payment services that are either unnecessary or never performed. In some instances, patients are paid in the form of diverted prescription drugs. As our nation struggles to provide health care to our citizens, our Health Care Fraud Unit works to prevent criminals from stealing from taxpayers.

Updated April 22, 2015