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The national opioid epidemic impacts every state, and Michigan is no exception.  In the Eastern District of Michigan, the U.S. Attorney’s Office attorneys and staff are addressing this epidemic in a variety of ways. Enforcement efforts through criminal prosecutions of heroin dealers as well as doctors and pharmacists who commit health care fraud or divert controlled substances remain a priority. The Civil Division likewise uses its resources to hold corporations, doctors, pharmacists and others accountable through enforcing the False Claims Act.

However, enforcement is not our only priority. The USAO is also active in providing opioid educational presentations to schools and professional organizations. We also issue public service information through media outlets. We are working with federal, state and local law enforcement and community organizations to combat the opioid epidemic as comprehensively as possible.

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact our office. The resources listed below also offer essential information for community organizations and individuals looking to understand and address this epidemic.

Matthew J. Schneider
United States Attorney
Eastern District of Michigan


Chasing the Dragon - The Life of an Opioid Addict [video]       

          49:08 Minutes
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          14:01 [edited]
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          Educator’s Guide


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

          Basics of Opioid Use/Abuse

          Commonly Used Terms

          Understanding the Epidemic


Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

          Community Outreach

          Campus Drug Prevention Publications

          Drug information sheets

          Opioids – The Crisis Next Door

          Drugs of Abuse

          Drug Prevention Publications


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


Michigan State Police (MSP) Angel Program

          The MSP Angel Program allows an individual struggling with drug addiction to walk into a MSP post during regular business hours and ask for assistance. If accepted into the MSP Angel Program, the individual will be guided through a professional substance abuse assessment and intake process to ensure proper treatment placement. An “Angel” volunteer, who is a member of the local community, will be present to support the individual during the process, and to provide transportation to the identified treatment facility. All MSP posts are currently participating in the Angel Program.


Families Against Narcotics (FAN)
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          Founded in 2007, Families Against Narcotics is a grass roots organization based in Macomb County, Michigan.  Since that first town hall meeting, the founding chapter has held monthly meetings in that same church basement:  a safe place where people can learn about this disease from speakers and those affected; as well as receive information for resources, and support at a critical time.  Thousands have walked through those doors over the past decade, coming together to search for solutions to this epidemic from all sectors, including those affected by addiction and those in recovery, as well as their loved ones;  law enforcement;  judges;  medical professionals;  community leaders in education, business and religion; and other concerned citizens.

          We work tirelessly, educating youth, parents and school personnel; legal and medical professionals; and community audiences about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, especially opioid painkillers.  FAN offers nearly 3 dozen monthly support meetings throughout 24 chapters in Michigan, and several in formation out-state including Madison County, North Carolina.  We are committed to erasing the stigma of this disease, bringing people to the table and opening the dialog, so that those needing treatment can receive assistance without shame or embarrassment.


U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Help, Resources & Information


Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) Prescription Drugs and Opioids in Michigan


Naloxone (NARCAN)
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Updated May 14, 2018