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Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is a nationwide commitment to reduce gun crime in America by aggressively enforcing state and federal laws that prohibit the criminal possession or use of a firearm. To be truly successful, PSN needs the support and partnership of all federal, state and local law enforcement to effect a significant and sustained impact on gun violence. PSN is designed to combine the resources of state and federal law enforcement and prosecution so that illegal possession or use of a firearm is the fastest and most dependable route to long term incarceration.

Since the Eastern District began its gun crime prosecution initiative in May 2000, our PSN prosecutors have dramatically increased the number of gun-related crime referrals from local agencies consequently, the district has achieved a dramatic increase in the number of firearms related prosecutions.

Project Safe Neighborhoods Chart

The chart above shows the dramatic 259 % increase in the number of federal firearms indictments obtained since inception of the District's gun crime prosecution initiative. This is due in large part to the Eastern District's aggressive outreach and training campaign by which many of the local law enforcement and prosecution authorities have come to appreciate that the district's most dangerous gun offenders can best be prosecuted through this initiative.

PSN Mini PosterPSN Mini Poster 1

In 2009 the District intimated Operation Time Machine, a federal & local law enforcement partnership focused on dismantling violent criminal elements in Port Arthur, Texas. Time Machine is working; Port Arthur is safer and criminal using firearms are paying a stiff price for their lawlessness.

Updated April 21, 2017

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