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The United States Attorney's Office enforces and defends the laws of the United States through the prosecution of criminal cases brought by the Federal government, and the litigation and defense of civil cases in which the United States is a party.  The United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia is the chief federal law enforcement officer for the District.  Our 90 attorneys and a total of more than 200 employees all work for the six million citizens of the Northern District of Georgia. This district runs from the mountains of north Georgia to the Atlanta suburbs in the south, and from the border of Alabama in the west to the two Carolinas in the east.   Our office is located in the U.S. courthouse in Atlanta, and we maintain unstaffed offices at the federal courthouses in Rome, Gainesville, and Newnan.   Yet our work extends well beyond Georgia, as the majority of our cases involve nationwide or international coordination.

Our Criminal Division’s first obligation is the protection of public safety.  Therefore, our top priority, and that of the Department of Justice, is the investigation and prosecution of cases involving threats of terrorism, both domestic and international, as well as any and all other threats to the nation's security.  Other areas of importance in our District include: (1) cybercrime, including intrusion and theft of proprietary data from corporations and identity theft of individual citizens; (2) violent street gangs, both international and domestic; (3) human trafficking, for which we have established one of the country’s first ACTeam Task Forces to bring together multiple law enforcement partners for large-scale investigations; (4) international drug cartels, which now use Atlanta as the primary transshipment hub on the East Coast for cocaine, methamphetamine, and other drugs; (5) corruption of elected public officials and government employees; (6) identity theft, particularly in the area of tax fraud; (7) the production or large-scale distribution of child pornography, or use of the Internet to exploit and sexually abuse children; (8) the proliferation of “pill mills” that illegally distribute prescription drugs; and (9) the illegal trafficking or possession of dangerous firearms by violent offenders who have the most impact on the safety of our communities.

Our Civil Division is charged with firmly but reasonably defending federal agencies and officials against civil claims and we aggressively pursue civil fines and restitution from those who damage the government and others through fraud and abuse.  Our Civil Division also works to ensure the civil rights of all Americans, enforcing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Voting Rights Act, among other federal civil rights laws. We collect restitution for victims, collect the just debts of the United States and its agencies, and use the federal forfeiture laws to disrupt and deter criminal activity and dismantle criminal enterprises.

With your help, we will remain strong and safe. We are most effective in what we do when we have your support, cooperation, and encouragement in identifying and prosecuting those who would commit crimes against us and our nation. This web page is intended to strengthen our partnership with you by letting you know what we do and who you may contact if you need our help, or you need to let us know about something that may be happening in your community. We hope what you find here will show you how national and local, federal and state, government and citizens are working together to make our district, our state, and our country a safe place to raise our children and a place where businesses and public officials act with integrity and in the interest of America and its people.

Updated April 21, 2015