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Former U.S. Attorneys for the Northern District of Georgia


U.S. Attorney

Years Served

Emory Speer 1883-1885
Ben H. Hill, Jr. 1885-1889
Sion A. Darnell 1889-1893
Joseph S. James 1893-1897
Edgar A. Angier 1897-1905
Farish C. Tate 1905-1913
Alexander Hooper 1913-1921
Clint W. Hager 1921-1934
Lawrence S. Camp 1934-1942
M. Neil Andrews 1942-1946
J. Ellis Mundy 1946-1953
James W. Dorsey 1953-1959
Charles D. Read, Jr. 1959-1961
Charles L. Goodson 1961-1969
John W. Stokes, Jr. 1969-1977
William L. Harper 1977-1981
Larry D. Thompson 1982-1986
Robert L. Barr, Jr. 1986-1990
Joe D. Whitley 1990-1993
Kent B. Alexander 1994-1997
Richard H. Deane, Jr.  1998-2001
William S. Duffey, Jr. 2001-2004
David E. Nahmias 2004-2009
Sally Quillian Yates 2010-2015
* John A. Horn 2015-2017

* Judiciary Appointed

Updated October 30, 2017

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